NO11 Professional silicone

NO11 Professional silicone

EAN: 5902986630002

Single-component elastic sealing compound with neutral curing system. It gives highly flexible and durable sealing, with very good adhesion to most materials and substrates found in construction: brick, concrete, aerated concrete, glass laminates, glass, glazes, metals, and most inductile plastics. The seal is durable, completely resistant to changing atmospheric conditions and UV radiation.

The product is intended for works related to industrial glazing of windows, glazing of traditional, wooden, aluminum and PVC windows. It is suitable for filling expansion joints, sealing prefabricated elements in construction, sealing in metal cold stores, containers and tanks, sealing joints between elements of galvanized sheet metal, brass and other metals, as well as fixing glass elements on the outside of buildings.

Volume: 280Ml


Intended use:

  • Glazing windows made of wood, hard PVC, aluminum
  • Sealing windows
  • Seaeling areas exposed to constant moisture: baths, sinks, showers, sealing ceramic tiles in corner joints and connections with sanitary facilities
  • Sealing sites exposed to fresh and salt water: pools, boats, harbor facilities.
  • Sealing of gutters and downpipes
  • Sealing window frames, door frames, window sills
  • Sealings elements of ventilation systems, air-conditioning, refrigeration systems
  • Sealing skylights, greenhouses, solar panels
  • Sealing backlit traffic signs, advertising signs made of glass and plastic


Permitted use:

  • Filling expansion joints, concrete structural elements, facade cladding
  • Sealing joints in roofing materials, sealing flashings of chimneys, eaves, etc.
  • Filling gaps between exterior walls and floors (terraces), expansion joints in floorings with underfloor heatings
  • Installation of wall and facade tiles
  • Joining floor tiles, filling gaps in ceramic and stone floors exposed to abrasion and loading, for painted seals
  • Grouting wall and facade tiles
  • Sealing of machine elements (e.g. gearbox covers), fiiling cracks in the car body, making and gluing seals

Technical specification

Processing time

approx. 6 min.

Producer colour


white (RAL 9016)

bleached oak (RAL 1019)

rustic oak (RAL 8003)

black (RAL 9005)

sepia (RAL 8014)

pine (RAL 1011)

winchester (RAL 8001)

rosewood (RAL 8016)

antracytowy (RAL 7016)

Thermal resistance of the cured product

-40 do +180°C

Curing system

neutral oxime

Application temperature

+5° do +35°C

Curing type

one-component - cross-links with moisture from the air


one 280 ml cartridge allows for approx. 17 running meters of a 4 × 4 mm joint