EAN: 5902986611001

Single-component, flexible sealing compound with an acetate curing system. Silicone has enhanced and long-term resistance to humidity, fungi, algae, mold, grease, acids and alkalis. The silicone features a very good adhesive capacity to glass, terracotta, ceramic and protected metal. The seal is durable and completely resistant to variable weather conditions and UV radiation.

Volume: 280Ml / 150Ml


         Dedicated application:

  • Sealing, jointing and filling sites exposed to water: bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, bathhouses. Sealing of acrylic edges: bathtubs, shower bases, shower cabins, wash basins, sinks, as well as kitchen countertops, etc. Sealing sites exposed to salt water: pools, boats, harbor facilities.
  • Sealing places exposed to constant moisture: bathtubs, washbasins, shower cabins, grouting ceramic tiles in corner joints and with sanitary devices

    Permitted use:

  • Sealings elements of ventilation systems, air-conditioning, refrigeration systems
  • Sealing of gutters and downpipes
  • Sealing skylights, greenhouses, solar panels
  • Grouting wall tiles and facades tiles

Technical specification

Processing time

approx. 10 min.

Producer colour


Thermal resistance of the cured product

-40 do +180°C

Curing system


Application temperature

+5° do +35°C

Curing type

one-component - cross-links with moisture from the air


one 300 ml cartridge allows for approx. 18 running meters of a 4 × 4 mm joint