Acrylic for V-joints

EAN: 5902986600098

Dispersive, waterborne, acrylic sealing compound, free from harmful solvents, with minimal smell. It results in elastic and plastic welds that are easy to paint with great adhesive capacity to raw wood, both deciduous and coniferous, as well as exotic species, primed, painted or coated; to galvanized and coated metal sheets, stainless steel; as well as to most construction surfaces, including concrete, bricks, plaster, ceramics, glass etc. Turns into permanently plastic form by physical water evaporation. The hardened compound is resistant to variable weather conditions and waterproof, designed both for indoor and outdoor use. For the majority of applications in the form of sealing compound.

Volume: 280Ml


The mass is intended for sealing windows, doors, door frames, joints of window frames with plaster, window sill, filling joints between tiles, gaps and connections in house walls, walls, plaster and concrete, securing and sealing V-grooves in window frames, and also for sealing ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration systems, containers, semi-trailers and car trailers.

Technical specification

Curing type

one-component - cross-links by evaporating water

Application temperature

+5° do +35°C

Thermal resistance of the cured product

-30° do +80°C