Poliurethane adhesive for polistyrene foam

POROLIT PU is a low-pressure, single component polyurethane in a version with an gun applicator used for adhering polystyrene foam plates and XPS plates in Insulating exterior wals of buildings. POROLIT* PU is characterized by excelent adherence to concrete, mineral and ceramic substates as well as renders. The adhesive can also be used at sub-zero temperatures (up to - 5o C). One can of Porolit PU allows you to insulate 8 m2 of the surface.

Application - POROLIT PU

POROLIT PU is designed to fit polystyrene foam plates and XPS plates for insulating exterior walls of buildings, polystyrene foam boxes, wall panels, installing windowsills, and filling cracks in thermal insulation , as wel as PVC, all kinds of polystyrene foams, and renders. After 2 hours from cementing you may start sanding and pinning.

Parametry techniczne produktu


light yellow


gun applicator


8 - 12 m2/ packaging (when gluing insulation boards)

Tool cleaning

warm water with detergent, petroleum spirit, white spirit

time after which you can start install fixings

after approx. 2 hours

Application temperature

od -5°C do +30°C