Acrylic sprayed render

POROLIT is the newest generation of polymer, non-flammable, and ecologically harmless textured finish compound. Innovative technology and unique recipe makes POROLIT a render of extremely low specific weight, which fits perfectly into using it in the LAKMA TERM spraying method. Excellent retention storage of water influences the length of its open time, which makes it possible to plaster without hurry. This designed technology gives contractors great work comfort, and creates surfaces of great decorative qualities with little effort.

Application - POROLIT

POROLIT is used for decorative, thin-coat render coating both for interiors (ceilings and other surfaces not exposed to mechanical damages), as well as exteriors. It was designed as protective and decorative finishing layer in LAKMA TERM ST, LAKMA TERM WM thermal insulation systems, and substrates of cementbased, cement and lime, concrete, and other mortars.

Parametry techniczne produktu


spraying machine STANDARD GUN or PROFI GUN

Proper amount of water

300 ml to 700 ml / 25 kg

Drying time

8-12 h.

Time of full curing

approx. 7 days

Application temperature

od +5°C do +25°C


500 colours of LAKMA colouring system