Product description

Single component, flexible sealing agent using acetate curing. Creates highly flexible and elastic sealing joints, with full resistance to water, oils, acids and alkali. Features excellent adhesion to construction materials and substrates such as glass, tiles, floor tiles, ceramic materials and metals with protective coatings. The seal is durable, completely weatherproof, and UV-radiation resistant.



For standard window glazing, garden cold frames, partition walls, for sealing electrical cable ducts, window and door frames; for making durable and flexible joints between typical construction materials with finishing elements.

Available packaging size

300 ml

Colour scheme

colourless, white, grey, brown, black

Cure type

Treatment time


of curing

Application temperature



single component

(crosslinked by the reaction of the moisture contained in the atmosphere)

25 minutes


+5° to +40°C

18 lm of

4 x 4 mm joint