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Product description

Water thinnable, colourless priming preparation for use with silicone paints, especially with SILMAL SN, it is based on a dispersion with modifiers. SILMALGRUNT SN deeply penetrates and strengthens substrates, it reduces and evens out the absorbing power of the substrate and creates a microporous coat to provide an adequate level of vapour breathing for mineral substrates, it also improves the adhesion of the painting coat. This product has a high vapour permeability and water repellency. It protects the finish from efflorescence and spots, in addition to reducing the level of dusting of the substrate.



SILMALGRUNT SN is intended to strengthen the surface of mineral substrates such as concrete, cement and cement-lime plasters, thin coat mineral and silicate plasters. It is also used to prime substrates coated with synthetic-based paints, i.e. acrylic and silicone paints.


Available packaging size

10 l

Colour scheme




Number of layers

Coverage with one coat

Drying time





1 - 2

5 - 6 m2/l

minimum 2 hours

do not dilute