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Product description

Dispersive, water-thinnable acrylic caulk for V-grooves, without harmful solvents, and having a minimal scent. Silak AVF1 gives flexible and elastic joints of minimum shrinkage, easily painted, with a very good adhesion to raw wood, including both deciduous wood and coniferous wood, and exotic wood species as well, painted with primer and enamels or varnishes, and to most substrates used in the building industry. It transforms into a permanently plastic state through the evaporation of water. The hardened mass is resistant to weather conditions and is designed for use in interior and exterior areas. Contains protective agents against fungi and moulds. Completely cured caulk is waterproof.


Silak AVF1 is intended for specialized industrial uses, such as securing and sealing the V-joints of the rails of window joinery, and for sealing HVAC systems, containers, semi-trailers and trailers, and also in traditional applications, such as sealing windows, doors, joints of window and door frames with plaster, sills, sealing of joints between tiles, gaps and connections in walls, in plasters and concrete.