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Product description

Rubber, flexible and semi-thick agent for roofing applications. Adheres to the roofing base such as: bituminous, concrete, stone, metal, wood, glass substrates and most of the plastic materials. The seal can be painted after curing; it is resistant to high and low temperatures and UV radiation.


For sealing of elements of flashings for roofs, terraces, chimneys and manholes, roof and terrace penetrations, for repairing roofs covered with bituminous roofing paper, air conditioning ducts, ventilation, flue gas ducts, for skylight and roof window locations, joints between corrugated sheet and trapezoidal sheet elements and also asbestos-cement slabs and bituminous slabs, joints between elements of foundations and cellar walls, also for filling expansion gaps in roofs and terraces.


Available packaging size

300 ml

Colour scheme

bronze, colourless, graphite

Cure type

Treatment time

Thermal resistance

(hardened product)

Application temperature



single component

(solvent evaporation)

15 minutes

-25° to +80°C

+5° to +40°C

18 lm for

a 4 x 4 mm joint