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Product description

POROLIT S is the latest generation silicate—silicone dashed plaster based on water, potassium glass, silicone resin emulsion and a water dispersion of acrylic resin. Thanks to the environmentally-friendly, ultralight fillers, POROLIT S facilitates up to 100% bigger yields than all traditional plasters. It features very high water vapour permeability, excellent adhesion, flexibility and very high resistance to weather and dirt. This product is particularly recommended for plastering using the spray method LAKMA TERM in areas with high air humidity and larger patches of green areas.


POROLIT is used for producing decorative, thin-film coatings both inside buildings (ceilings and surfaces not exposed to mechanical damage) and for external use. It may be used to provide the protective and decorative finish for façades on heat insulation systems LAKMA TERM ST, LAKMA TERM WM and cement substrates, cement-lime, concrete etc. It is particularly suitable for plastering using the spray method LAKMA TERM in areas with increased air humidity and for larger patches of green areas.

Available packaging size

25 kg

Colour scheme

58 LAKMA colour system, 380 NCS colour systems, non-standard colours




amount of water

Drying time

Time of full bonding

Application temperature

Plastering machine


300 ml to 700 ml / 25 kg

8 to 12 hours

approx. 7 days

From +5°C to



Grain size

Spray method
grain 1,5 mm 1,40 do 1,50 kg/m2
grain 2,0 mm 1,55 do 1,65 kg/m2