Product description

POROLIT PU is a low pressure, one component polyurethane adhesive version of the POROLIT adhesive with a gun-type applicator for fixing polystyrene panels to exterior walls when installing heat insulation. It facilitates the quick installation of heat insulation on buildings. It has a great adherence to concrete, mineral, ceramic and plaster substrates. It may also be used at negative temperatures (down to - 5o C). One tin covers 8 m.



POROLIT PU is intended for fixing polystyrene panels during the installation of external walls, for fixing polystyrene ceiling tiles, wall panels, for fitting sills and filling gaps in thermal insulation. The polyurethane adhesive features excellent adhesion to concrete, ceramic and wood and also to PVC and all kinds of polystyrene and plaster. It is even possible to start sanding and installing wall plugs after only 2 hours from the fixing time.


Available packaging size

750 ml

Colour scheme

bright yellow



Coverage (for fixing

polystyrene panels)


Of use

Time before placing plugs



Applicator type gun

8 - 12 m2/pack

From -5°C to


After approx. 2 hours

Cleaning agent

for applicator