Product description

POROLIT is the latest generation of polymer, non-combustible and harmless to the environment dashed plaster compound. Due to innovative technology and a unique formula, POROLIT is extremely light which makes it ideal for spraying using the LAKMA TERM method. Great water retention parameters give it a long open time which allows for plastering without the rush. This technology gives contractors high working comfort, and enables them to obtain surfaces with high decorative values in return for a relatively small effort.



POROLIT is used for making decorative, thin-film coatings both inside buildings (ceilings and surfaces not exposed to mechanical damage) and for external use. It can also be used to provide the protective and decorative finishing of façades on heat insulation systems such as LAKMA TERM ST, LAKMA TERM WM and on substrates made from cement, cement-lime, concrete coatings, etc

Available packaging size

25 kg

Colour scheme

58 LAKMA colour system, 200 NCS colour systems, non-standard colours per order


Application method




of water

Drying time Time of full bonding Application temperature

plastering machine


300 ml to 700 ml / 25 kg 8 to 12 hours approx. 7 days

from +5°C to




Grain size

Spray method
1,0 mm 1,20 to 1,35 kg/m2
1,5 mm 1,40 to 1,50 kg/m2
2,0 mm 1,55 to 1,65 kg/m2