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Product description

MINERALTYNK Q is a white, factory mixed dry coating based on a selection of aggregates, white cement and hydrated lime; it has a high water repelling capacity and great vapour permeability. It is available in two structural versions: dashed plaster and vertical scratch coating.


MINERAL TYNK Q is recommended for decorative thin-film plaster coatings on all level mineral substrates such as concrete, cement-lime plasters, both internally and externally. It is perfect for plastering façade finishes when using LAKMA TERM heat insulation systems. To obtain colour façades, use SILMAL ST, SILAML SN, AKRYL FASADA or FASMAL paint.

Available packaging size

25 kg

Colour scheme





amount of water

Open time

Application time

Time of full bonding

Application temperature


brick trowel 

Up to 6-7 l /25 kg

Up to 15 minutes

Up to 1 hour

approx. 72 hours

From +5°C to





Grain size

dashed plaster

 vertical scratch coating

1.5 mm

2.5 kg/m2

2.5 kg/m2

2.0 mm

3.0 kg/m2

3.0 kg/m2

3.0 mm

4.0 kg/m2

4.0 kg/m2