Product description

Thanks to a low pressure formula, this product eliminates the warping of frames and ensures the complete filling of joints. The product also has good heat insulation parameters. The foam adheres perfectly to smooth and porous surfaces usually encountered during the installation of doors and windows, materials such as PVC, brick, concrete, wood and metal. The foam is protected from fungi and moulds.


The foam is suitable for the installation of all types of windows and doors, for the thermal insulation of water systems, sewage systems and central heating. For bonding and insulation of wall panels, corrugated sheet, roof tiles, etc. Provides soundproofing and sealing of partition walls and car interiors. Ideal for connecting prefabricated wood elements in building frames, thermal insulation of roofs and flat roofs, and for filling gaps in the thermal insulation of buildings.


Available versions


standard, multi-season (down to -10°C)



after curing

of the product

Pre-treatment time

Thermal resistance

(hardened product)

Working temperature of substrate


light yellow

45 minutes

-50 to +90°C

from +5°C

up to +30°C

(optimum +20°C)

45 l