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Product description

Hybrysil PS 24 is a permanently flexible adhesive sealant with neutral curing based on polymer hybrid (silane modified polyurethane). Excellent adhesion to all construction substrates. It can even be applied on wet surfaces. Odour-free, solvent-free, insensitive to the effects of many chemicals: weak acids, alkalis, solvents and oils. Can be painted over – also with water-based paints. Weatherproof and UV light stable.


Product intended for cementation and grouting of panels, thresholds, sills, decorative trim strips, insulating boards, cork, glass and mineral wool on substrates of wood, particle board, plaster, brick, concrete, metal etc. Suitable for bonding and grouting panels of natural stone (marble, granite etc.), bonding mirrors, for flexible joints in vibrating structures. Contains nano additives for efficient cross-linking that improve the mechanical properties of the product.