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Product description

Special, one component silicone sealing agent using the octane curing system. Produces highly flexible and elastic sealing joints, with full resistance to water, oils, acids and alkali. With very good adhesion to most types of construction materials and surfaces: glass, tiles, wood with a protective coating and metals. The seal is durable, completely weatherproof, water (incl. seawater) and UV-radiation resistant.



Sealing glass to glass joints, window sashes, roof lights, for display cabinets, show windows, also for sealing cold rooms and cold room equipment and for HVAC devices. 


Available packaging size

300 ml

Colour scheme

colourless, white, brown

Cure type

Treatment time


of curing

Application temperature



single component

(crosslinked by a reaction with the moisture contained in the atmosphere)

15 minutes


+5° to +35°C

18 lm

for a 4 x 4 mm joint