About us

LAKMA is one of the largest Polish manufacturers in several branches of the construction and household chemical sectors. The company’s immediate reaction to new demands from the market provides it with many opportunities for dynamic growth.


LAKMA manufactures high quality, competitively priced products that are compliant with European standards. The characteristic trait of the company is its exceptional flexibility in its efforts to satisfy the individual demands of its customers.

In its research and development activities LAKMA closely cooperates with renowned western chemical corporations, which guarantees the excellent quality of the marketed products.

The well-developed sales network, which comprises independent distribution points and affiliated wholesalers, provides the customers with comprehensive, fast and timely delivery of products.


LAKMA, apart from selling an impressive number of its products nationwide, is also active in Europe, North America and Asia.


 The company specializes in the production of construction chemicals, and its portfolio includes the following product groups:

  • thermal insulation systems (adhesives, plaster, paints, and primers);
  • products for wood protection and decoration (impregnating agents, varnishes, enamel paints, and adhesives);
  • products for concrete and mineral substrate protection and decoration (paints, primers, and impregnating agents);
  • decorative products (decorative paints, stuccos, travertine, and decorative compounds);
  • sealants (silicones, adhesives, acrylics, and polyurethane foams);
  • industry solutions (silicones, paints, varnishes, and impregnating agents)

Lakma Group

The Lakma Group comprises LAKMA SAT, LAKMA STREFA, LAKMA Sp. z o.o. and POLLENA ASTRA, the leading manufacturers of construction, household and industrial chemicals in Poland. The cooperation between these entities allows a synergy in various business areas to be achieved, especially in management, marketing, research and development, logistics, as well as in supply and distribution. Within the Group, LAKMA SAT Sp. z o.o. is an independent business entity, possessing fixed and financial assets for the purpose of conducting its business activities.