Product description

Construction silicone with a neutral curing system. A single component, flexible sealing compound for creating highly flexible and durable seals, with excellent adhesion to the majority of materials and substrates found in construction. The seal is durable, completely weatherproof, and UV-radiation resistant.


Filling joints, expansion joints and gaps between construction elements made from concrete, brick, plastics, brass, steel and sheet. Filling expansion joints and sealing during the installation of doors and windows, ventilation and AC equipment. Filling joints between walls and doors, or walls and windows. Sealing of prefabricated construction elements. Sealing metal cold rooms, containers and tanks.


Available packaging size

300 ml

Colour scheme

colourless, white, brown, grey, black

Cure type

Treatment time


of curing

Application temperature



single component

(crosslinked by a reaction with the moisture contained in the atmosphere)

10 minutes

neutral oxime

+5° to +40°C

18 lm

for a 4 x 4 mm joint