Product description

Bituminous roofing seal is a uniform, semi-thick asphalt-rubber, black putty. Consists of synthetic rubber, asphalt, plasticizing surfactants and fillers.


For use in the construction industry for sealing joints between construction elements and lightweight cladding indoors and outdoors. Ensures the filling and sealing of gaps in roofing paper (including pasting layers of roofing paper, pasting roofing paper to roof tiles or plate, etc.), connections of gutters and drain pipes or ventilation stacks. Can be used for sealing the connections between the elements of foundations, cellar walls, roofs, terraces, skylights, greenhouses, process water and fire water tanks, engineering equipment concealed in the ground, overpasses, bridges, expansion joints and pipeline connections.


Available packaging size

300 ml

Colour scheme


Cure type

Application temperature


single component

(solvent evaporation)

from - 5oC