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Product description

AKRYL G is a water-thinnable primer based on a polymer dispersion with added modifiers. After drying, AKRYL G produces a varnish coating. It provides good wetting of the substrate, it also provides leak tightness and reinforcement.



AKRYL G is intended for the initial priming of strongly adhesive surfaces such as: gas concrete, lime mortars, cement mortars, concrete and drywall substrates. It is to be used before painting with acrylic paints (EKOBIEL, AKRYL W, TOP AKRYL, FASMAL, AKRYL FASADA), emulsion paints, and also before fixing wallpaper and tiles. It may also be used for painting wallpapers and cork in order to achieve improved washability.


Available packaging size

1 l / 5 l / 10 l

Colour scheme




Number of layers

Coverage with one coat

Drying time

Application temperature




1 to 2

6 - 10 m2/l

2 hours

From +5°C to